The Technical Program for ASIAEM 2019 is organized into 18 Technical Committees(TCs), as shown below: 


Technical Committee Broad Area Description
TC1 HPEM Sources, Antennas and Facilities (both wideband and narrowband)
TC2 HPEM Applications of Coupling to Structures and Cables
TC3 HPEM Measurement Techniques
TC4 HPEM IEMI Threats, Effects and Protection
TC5 HPEM System-level Protection and Testing
TC6 HPEM Lightning EM Effects
TC7 HPEM Numerical Models and Modeling
TC8 HPEM Bio-effects and Medical Applications of EM Fields
TC9 UWB Antenna Design, Radiation and Propagation
TC10 UWB Radar Systems ( Signal Processing and Security) Aspects
TC11 UWB Target Detection, Discrimination and Imaging
TC12 UXO Landmine and IED Detection
TC13 HPEM Electromagnetic Transients in UHV/EHV Transmission Lines and Substations
TC14 HPEM Design of Protective Devices and Test Methods
TC15 HPEM Evaluation of HEMP/IEMI Impacts on Critical Infrastructure
TC16 HPEM Explosive Devices Effects and Protection for HPEM
TC17 HPEM Statistical Methods in HPEM
TC18 HPEM HPEM Standards